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The First Sign - it could be a plaque on the front door, a directory board at the front entrance, brass lettering on a building or a coat of arms elevated high above a stairwell - the first sign creates a lasting impression. . .

R.A. White & Co. proudly creates and delivers excellent signs and an impressive corporate image on time and on budget. Our workmanship can be seen throughout New Zealand and in parts of Australia and the Pacific. Our clients know what that impression should be. Corporate strength, solid worth, exclusivity or dignified tradition.

asbm_1.jpgReception Signs
Typical Entrance/Reception Signs with logo in relieved brass and aluminum enamelled lettering.



The choice of metal dimensional lettering incorporating corporate typefaces creates a feeling of solid value.


For additional information, or queries, E-mail us at plaques@rawhitesigns.co.nz

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