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Memorial Plaques are suitable for remembrance walls, columbarium niches, berms, lawns, recumbent desks and upright memorials.

Changable Plaques
R.A. White & Co. have designed 2 types of plaques with changeable plates to allow for additions to the original inscriptions. These are The Loose Leaf Book Plaque and The Column Plaque.

change.gifThe Loose Leaf Book Design
This design of Memorial Plaque has a base frame with 2 removable "pages" (may also be supplied with one full page if desired). The original inscription may be on either side allowing the "other" page to be replaced with a new second inscription page when required. The "other" page may have an inscription, verse, epitaph or decoration prior to replacement.

Column Plaque Design
This concept in changeable plaques allow you to choose a combination of decorative side columns, embellishments and inscriptions to create a unique memorial at an economical cost. This plaque has a base frame with two separate inscription plates held in place by decorative side "columns". They are designed to allow for a subsequent inscription to be added to the original by the replacement of (usually) the lower plate.

Collumn - Rose.jpgRose Column Design
Elegant Column with climbing rose and delicate flowers. 


Collumn - Kowhai.jpgKowhai Column Design
A true New Zealand icon, the kowhai displays the gentle and delicate designs of nature.





Collumn -.jpgTwist Column Design
Traditional rope twist column design - simple and dignified.




Collumn - Cabbage Tree.jpgNew Zealand Cabbage Tree Column Design
Another New Zealand design - one of the most beautiful, natural floral arrangements. 




Below are some additional Memorial Plaque Designs from R.A. White & CO.



Plaque with a Monroe Border (top), Rose Corner (bottom left) and Oak leaf Corner (bottom right).



Bevel Edge Bronze Plaque


Borderline Plaque


For additional information, or queries, E-mail us at plaques@rawhitesigns.co.nz

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