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Metal Signs

R.A. White & Co. are specialists in metal signage of all kinds with over 60 years of experience in the manufacture of dimensional lettering and signage, logos, coats of arms, bronze plaques and aluminium plaques.

Products may be cast from hand sculpted patterns for fully three-dimensional contours or from flat relief patterns also achieving three-dimensional effect.

Dimensional letters may be cast cut out from sheet or plate or fabricated from sheet material. Plaques are generally cast from bronze or aluminium but may also be engraved or etched into sheet material.

mso.jpgFabricated lettering can be produced from as small as 70mm high to very large letters or logos, restricted only by available material sizes. The edges may be made to any depth within reason.

Samples show polished and brushed finish. Stainless steel and the gold letters are produced from titanium coated stainless steel which gives a long lasting maintenance free finish, especially suitable for exterior applications.

Only high-grade materials are used in all manufacturing processes to create products of quality and permanence. These materials include:


 These metals can be finished in a variety of ways to enhance the impact of any sign. Some such finishes are:

High polishing
Chrome plating
Florentining of bronzes
Antique patinas
Baked enamelling to blended colours
Clear finishing

R.A. White & Co. provide a complete service from receiving your designs on computer file by E-mail, to delivering a fully finished sign including all necessary fixings and installation templates. Installation can often be arranged as well.

R.A. White & Co. proudly creates and delivers excellent signs and an impressive corporate image on time and on budget.


For additional information, or queries, E-mail us at plaques@rawhitesigns.co.nz

asbm.jpg p_3.jpg

Reception signs

Typical Entrance/Reception Signs with logo in relieved brass and aluminum enamelled lettering

Brass Subdivision Signage

Enhances the image of quality for residential and investor alike. 

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