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Bronze Plaques

Bronze Plaques are extremely durable and will remain readable for hundreds of years. Compared with marble or stone alternatives, are lighter and easier to secure. Lichen and fungus do not grow on bronze, and their raised lettering is easy to read and will remain for hundreds of years.

The ease of reading, fine detail produced and environmental compatibility of Bronze Plaques makes them ideally suited for recording civil occasions, identifying buildings and historic sites, park and bush directions as well as memorial tributes.



Civil Bronze Plaques for opening ceremonies, building identification, historic site identification and park directions




Bronze Plaques can be made to any size or shape (within reason) and may integrally include logos, badges, emblems or sculptured motifs.

We can supply plaques from our wide range of standard patterns or design to individual specifications or from artwork provided by our clients.



For information on Memorial Plaques, click here.

To order a Bronze Plaque email plaques@rawhitesigns.co.nz or if you want a basic size and shape, you could order one from the Memorial Plaques page and add a note about the inscription not being a memorial.

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