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Memorial Vases

memvase.jpgThe Adornment of Memorials with flowers is a centuries old tradition providing a means to express personal and tangible tributes to loved ones departed.

R.A. White & Co. have designed an attractive range of vases that will enhance any Memorial and provide a secure, long lasting container for either fresh or artificial flowers.

Our new range of moulded ABS vases are very durable.

The Dome Top Vase and Tulip Top Vase are made of the best materials to withstand exposure to extreme conditions experienced in cemeteries, from icy winter temperatures (they do not crack on freezing) to blazing summer heat.

The finish on the Silver, Gold, and Bronze lids is produced by an electroplating process (not vacuum plated) as though they were made of metal. The removable lids lock easily and positively. The base is lead weighted for stability. Available in: Black, White, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Packed in boxes of 10.

plandtv_1.gifdtv.jpgDome Top Vase:

The sturdy dome top is especially good for artificial arrangements.






ttv.jpgplavttv_1.gif Tulip Top Vase:

So suitable for a fresh posie of flowers to remain in tact.








The Trumpet Vase:

spun from Aluminium, which is weather resistant in itself, and finished with Polyester Powder Coating or Anodising depending on colour option. The base is lead weighted for stability.

Tall elegant design to take a full arrangement. Ideal for long stem flowers.




planbwv_1.gifbwv.gifThe Bronze Wall vase:

Made from solid bronze and has a quality lacquer finish to resist tarnishing. Supplied with stainless steel screws and wall plugs.

Especially suited for medium sized wall plaques, tastefully proportioned to accept specimen arrangements. 





For additional information, or queries, E-mail us at plaques@rawhitesigns.co.nz 

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